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Corporate Profile

Company Name JKB Co.,Ltd.
Founded in April 1951
Location ( Head Office ) 2-34-21 Shimosakunobe,Takatsu-ku,Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa,Japan 213-0033
Phone +81-44-888-1121
Business Outline Designing and Manufacturing of Progressive Die
Progressive Stamping of Ultra Precise Parts and Difficult Forming-Shape Parts


JKB has been selected as a leading company, by METI (The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan ), approved " to build the Japan of tomorrow, and as an Active Company comprising of 300 small and medium sized Manufacturing Enterprises ".
JKB's advanced technology in processing and manufacturing applies to " Enterprises which Support Japanese Innovation " by METI.
JKB has been selected as a " Practicing IT Management Enterprise " by METI. Our patented " IT Production System " developed and built by JKB are used to assist in increasing our productivity which has resulted in large increases of output,more than doubling since the application of the new IT system.
We have also designed an innovative " IT Quality Control System " .
Using this system we are able to maintain high quality production and uphold a top level quality of our products.
JKB has also been approved as a " Kawasaki Brand of Manufacturing " by The Kawasaki-city government . Kawasaki-city approved "Brand Companies" are companies that aim to appeal its Kawasaki-made product superiority internationally.
Our brand " Infinity Stamping " means to pursue infinite possibilities in stamping technology. JKB's stamping technology has been awarded this Brand by the Kawasaki-city, in recognition of JKB's advanced stamping technology of ultra fine parts and difficult forming - shaped parts.
We are the first " Processing Technology " company to be awarded this Brand.
Head Office
Head Office:
2-34-21, Shimo-sakunobe, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan 213-033
Yamagata Factory:
Yamagata, Japan